Do you have a heart warming tale to tell about the important things in life, such as health, happiness, short term car insurance? An experience to share, however bizarre or personally degrading? Or perhaps you have a very intimate problem that you need discrete advice about from someone with your very best interests in mind, even when she's out of her own? Then write now to Pickled Pauline.

You probably won't get an answer, let alone one that makes any sense, but you'll have the supreme satisfaction of knowing that you will have brought a tear of sympathy (or perhaps hysterical laughter) to her eye, some light amusement to our bored staff and some free written material for our editor to use in a no doubt vain attempt to hang on to our last remaining readers.

Your communication will be kept completely confidential and will not be made available to anyone other than our office, canteen and maintenance staff (Pauline, Tracy and Dave the Rave) as well as anyone else with an Internet connection.  


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