Drive home insurance

You have been looking for a second-hand car for some time, and you just spotted the ideal one at a used car lot. A deal is done, you hand over your credit card and then the thought strikes you; how on earth are you going to drive it home?

Fair enough, you have your own car insurance which covers your existing family car and you are fairly certain that since you have fully comprehensive cover you will be covered for any vehicle that doesn't belong to you. The problem is; this card does belong to you now, you just bought it! You could of course full your insurance company up and asked them to add it to your existing policy, if you have half a day to spare waiting whilst a disembodied voice tries to convince you that your call is important to them, and could you please keep holding. Alternatively you could buy a new car insurance policy completely, but since that is going to cost you hundreds of pounds at least, you would like a bit of time to look through your options. What do you do, in these circumstances? Simple. You buy one single day's cover, drive the car home and then you can park it on your drive whilst you get online and find the best offer for a full 12 month policy that you can find. Simple, isn't it?

Drive home insurance is extremely versatile; you could pick any length of time between one single day and 28 days cover, unlike a normal policy you could have the choice of comprehensive are just third-party insurance, which ever suited your purposes best.

The most dangerous time to be in a car that you are not familiar with is when you are first purchased it, because the controls are in different places to those you are used to, the car steers in a different way and accelerates in a different way. It is therefore far more likely that you would have an accident within the first 24 hours of owning a car than you would at any other period! This makes it even more important that you have adequate insurance cover, not only to help you comply with the law but also to ensure that you do not have virtually unlimited compensation to pay out if you have an uninsured accident. And let us not even think about the legal penalties for driving without insurance cover! is a trading style of Prudent Plus Ltd of Booths Hall, Booths Park, Chelford Road Knutsford Cheshire WA16 8GS, which is registered in England, company number 10104295.

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